Do Not Start With 90mg!

For the record, Barbara and I want to tell you all, for the love of all that is Holy, whenever you start a new medicine or health regimen, START LOW and GO SLOW.  Cannabis is no different! I read an article the other day that said a 70 year old cannabis naive patient, with cardiac disease went into a dispensary and purchased a 90mg THC lollipop. After finishing most of it he experienced “fearful hallucinations and crushing chest pain”.  Thank God, he’s OK.

I’m so grateful for the clinical consultations we offer our patients.   How low and slow you go with cannabis will be ultimately up to you but 0 – 90 isn’t it unless you want to have a very bad day.  Did anyone asked this gentleman’s level of cannabis experience?  Did anyone greet him with a smile? Did anyone ask if he’s ever had an edible?  I have spoken with patients who have zero history with cannabis and patients with more experience than Barbara and I together.  Either way, we’re here to have a conversation with you.  We’d love to know if you you’re only experience was a brownie at a party or if you’ve been making your own edibles for some time. Edibles are a great way for some patients to use cannabis, but understand them, understand what makes them different and how to find “your dose”. 

This is not cannabis the way it used to be, where you got whatever your friend happened to have, crossed your fingers and hoped for the best. We have cannbinoid levels, terpene profiles, a half dozen ways or so to take in cannabis.  Without any guidance, it’s almost predictable that sooner or later a cannabis naive patient will choose a 90mg lollipop.  A lollipop that can’t be broken into smaller dosing pieces, for one of his first purchases and have a very bad experience.  If he had been a Maryland patient and come to see us, I guarantee we’d have helped him find something more suited to his life, and lifestyle.  If you’re an MMCC patient, come in for a chat or schedule a visit today.

Cannabis is and always has been a medicine.  Some States have made it over the counter, I hear there is talk in Annapolis and State Capitals to the north about doing the same.  Compared to other medicines cannabis is very safe but it is not without risks and concerns.  Those risks and concerns are different for different patients.  That’s why we have the model we have, that’s why Salvera has Barbara and I.  If you’ve been to Salvera you’ve met one or both of us.  We have a deep passion for making sure Salvera’s patients, our patients, you are the most important thing in the medical cannabis industry.  We care that our patients are educated. We care that you as the patient are comfortable and have time to ask questions.  We care if it’s your first time with cannabis and if you’ve been using cannabis for decades teach us something new, so we can learn.  There are a couple of dozen types of flower in the average dispensary, a dozen types of vape cartridges, maybe a dozen or so concentrates, and that’s before you get to tinctures, elixers, patches and ingestables and more on the way.  

Stop by Salvera with your questions and concerns. Share and Like us on Social Media.  Tell your friends and family about us, we’ll take their questions too.  Let us help you on your journey toward better health.