The other half………………..

Good morning!

I am the other half of the clinical team at Salvera Medical Cannabis Dispensary.  Jerry mentioned that between us we have many decades of hands-on nursing practice.   We are using that experience to assure that our patients at the dispensary land on the correct medicine for them.  There are dozens of strains of cannabis flower, each containing a unique combination of cannabinoids and terpenes.  Successfully using medical cannabis to treat your unique symptoms and medical concerns, and body make up,  means learning to experiment with those terpenes and cannabinoids.  Once we we have landed on the best combination of cannabinoids and terpenes our patients report relief of symptoms and often a sense of overall well-being.

The reason I am so intensely interested in the use of cannabis is that so many folks my age have tried traditional therapeutics and they do not work to alleviate what ails us, OR the side effect profile is unbearable.  I am not at all opposed to traditional pharmaceuticals when they are the right approach.  But often cannabis does a better job with fewer side effects.  About ten years ago a dear friend of mine opened a cannabis dispensary in Rhode Island.  We had long conversations about the medicinal qualities of cannabis and since then I have studied all I can get my hands on.  When the opportunity arose, I became a patient in Pennsylvania qualifying because I have osteoarthritis with the accompanying pain in several joints.  Because I am no where ready to retire, I decided I would pursue this area of study.  So now I am a board member of American Cannabis Nurses Association, a doctoral student studying cannabis, and work as the Clinical Director here at Salvera.  This job is an opportunity to meet folks who need medicine to alleviate their aches and pains.  I am privileged to be here, teaching and studying cannabis.  Come see me when you are in the dispensary!