Here are 5 Tips for Making Better Edibles

You find an edibles recipe online, buy all the ingredients you need, follow the recipe exactly and … it comes out poorly.  What happened?  What could you have done differently?  Edibles are a great way to medicate with cannabis but they aren’t without a bit of a learning curve, especially if you’re making them yourself.  Here are 5 quick tips to making better edibles.

1.  Cook at 340 Degrees Fahrenheit

Many edibles recipes tell you to cook at 350 degrees Fahrenheit.  The problem is that most ovens are not very precise.  If you set your oven at 350, it could end up 10-25 degrees hotter.  Since THC begins to degrade at 365 degrees, that is a problem.  So, to make sure you don’t degrade your cannabis set your oven at 340 degrees and even if the temperature fluctuates you won’t ruin your cannabis.

2. Understand the Math

You really need to understand how much cannabis or THC you’re adding to your edibles.  Just substituting cannabutter for regular butter isn’t going to do it.  Knowing how much THC is going into your edibles is vitally important, otherwise you’ll either end up with a product that’s way too strong or way too weak.  There is a formula and there are calculators online like the one I found at How To Edibles that tell you how many mg/serving of THC is in your treats.  P.S. they also have some really cool recipes there.

3. Use Quality Cannabis

Food tastes so much better when you use fresh, high quality ingredients, right?  You wouldn’t throw old tomatoes in your grandmother’s sauce recipe, why use old cannabis, would you?  Of coarse not so why use old cannabis that you can’t verify is clean and free of pesticides, molds or dirt?  Using medical cannabis purchased at a medical cannabis dispensary in Maryland will ensure your cannabis is clean and free of impurities.

4. Use a Hand Grinder

Please don’t use a food processor or coffee grinder to pulverize your cannabis.  It’ll do the job but you’ll get too much chlorophyll coming out of the cannabis.  This will give your treats a plant like taste.  Use a regular hand grinder for your cannabis and your treats will turn out fine.

5. Mix Evenly

Have you ever had an infused cookie that gave you no effects but a friend had a cookie from the same batch and got over medicated?  They probably had an uneven distribution of THC.  Make sure you stir your mixture really well to distribute the THC evenly through the whole of your edibles.

Edibles aren’t difficult but they do take a bit of practice and patience.  Pay attention to the temperature of your oven, the quality of your cannabis and a few small details and you’ll be making top notch edibles in no time.