Medical Cannabis 101 Event

I can’t tell you how excited I am to be able to announce a community education event we’ve been asked to be a part of!  We’ve had a terrific response to our weekly education sessions but space is very limited there.  That’s why we were so excited when we were asked to be a part of a larger community Medical Cannabis 101 education and networking event coming up on Wednesday, February 6 from 7-10p at 9109 Piscataway Road in Clinton, MD.  This is a chance for a larger audience to hear what medical cannabis is, how it’s consumed, dosage recommendations and more.  There will be lite refreshments, time for Q & A and even help signing up with the MMCC if you are interested.

We know there is a thirst for good information about Medical Cannabis.  We know you have friends and family with questions … you’ve told us.  Some of you have brought those friends to us at Salvera, we’ve had the pleasure of answering questions and making a few new friends that way.  This is the perfect opportunity to bring those questions and meet some other cool people, all at the same time.

If you know someone who might be helped by Medical Cannabis but has questions, fears or doubts about what it is, what it isn’t, how it’s taken and if it might help, please tell them know about this event!  Below is a link to the Eventbrite page for registration.  Share this blog post and copy and text a copy of the link to a friend.  We already have more people registered than our education room could hold, which is awesome!  Space is limited though so please, sign up and share this class today.  Thanks and see you at the event on Feb 6!

Date/Time: Wednesday, Feb 6, 7p-10p

Address: 9109 Piscataway Road Clinton, MD 20735

Link to register:  Medical Cannabis 101 Info Sessions