Raffle Tour Roundup

Hey everyone, I just got back from touring the Grassroots cultivation facility with our Holiday Raffle winner!  Sometimes I take for granted the “behind the scenes” stuff we get to see in this industry.  I’ve had the opportunity to tour different cultivation facilities from different Maryland vendors and it’s easy to forget that’s access not everyone has.  When I decided to raffle off a tour I was hoping to let someone else take a peak behind the curtain too.

My personal favorite part of any cultivation tour is the clone room where the clones take root.  It’s a sauna in there but the babies thrive on it.  Thousands of square footage are then dedicated to growing those little clones through vegetation stage, into flower and ultimately harvest and ready for market.  Everything really is a science, from the number of days in each room, water, nutrients and air filtration; testing, processing the cannabis and more testing.  For those who haven’t gotten the pleasure, this is botanists, horticulturalists, chemists, enthusiasts, engineers and patients coming together to produce 21st century medical cannabis.  It really is awesome to see and it smells delicious no matter which way you turn.  If you get the chance to take a tour, don’t miss it.

I was glad I got to share a little of that today with our lucky winner,  We had so much fun we might get to do it again.  Thanks again to Tracy, Jeff, Devona and the rest of the Grassroots Maryland crew for opening up and welcoming us today!