Welcome Trey!

If you haven’t been in to see us lately, we’d love to introduce you to our newest team member, Trey Hughes!

Trey has been in the cannabis industry since 2013, starting as a dispensary manager in Colorado Springs. This was quite a change for a Mississippi “boy”. The dispensary in Colorado Springs was originally in a small strip mall and floundering; Trey was able to build business that necessitated a move to a bigger site to serve their patients. Many people do not realize that in Colorado laws vary and cities serve different customers. Colorado Springs remains a medical market.
After five years, Trey was recruited by Curaleaf. He and his family moved in 2017 and settled in Pikesville, MD. He became the dispensary manager at Curaleaf and it flourished! While it was a great success, Trey became excited about working with another new dispensary. Fortunately for us at Salvera he agreed to come on board. We have already seen a difference in our dispensary and are excited for more, Welcome Trey!!!!